Sunday, April 15, 2012

747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft

To get a shuttle from place to place can be pretty intense. The NASA team has special equipment for this job. They have modified two 747 jetliners to provide transport for their shuttles. Where passengers would sit, there is nothing. Everything had to be designed specifically house the shuttle which sits directly on top. These entered commercial service in 1969.

The things that make these shuttle so special can be listed and are not so much different from the ones you fly in to see grandma on the holidays:

There are 3 struts which provide extra support from the interior to help hold the shuttle.
There are 2 additional vertical stabilizers which enhance directional stability
Removal of all interior furnishing and equipment forward of the No.1 door.
Extra Instrumentation to help monitor the electrical loads during the entire journey.

These sound like they are extra technological and awesome however I wouldn't look forward to flying in one. No AC or anything of that nature would make for an annoying ride!

These are generally used to get the shuttle to places it needs to go where ground travel just seems unfeasible.

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