Saturday, April 14, 2012

Black Hole in the Milky Way?

The moon is pulled by the earth and that is pulled by the sun but whats the sun pulled by? Well its pulled by a black hole sucking us in constantly. Why aren't we sucked in? The way gravity works its unlikely that we will be soon. It is more likely the sun will die before we ever get in there.

In fact, just as a star has a life zone, or area in which life could survive, the galaxy has one as well. Pretty interesting to know that everyone of these has hundreds of stars, which have a bunch of planets, which have earthlike qualities. The chances of us finding more of great value are great.

A picture of the center of the milky way galaxy from nasa.

Just a Thought:
however scary it may be.

There are so many scary thoughts when we think of the universe as a whole. Every morning we wake up and go about our day without a thought in the world thsat there will ever be a huge disaster that will cause an entire planet to die. Unfortunately however possible it is, we are getting to the point to prevent huge disasters like that.

This makes it ever more important to make sure as humanity learns about the universe, we must start looking for a new place to stay. Our population has exploded since the black plague and industrial revolution. Our resources are quickly depleting. Cities are even running into water problems. Water is the most important part of life. If we start running out of that, then there could be even bigger problems then the oil crisis.

Who knows, we could even find a planet that has a large amount of gold which is a rare metal that always increases in value because of how important it is. There can only be benefits from extending outside of our planet and colonize.

It would make us safer. It would make the human population more wealthy. We could actually start trying to restore our planet once we get alot of the population to a better place. Of course this is all a long way off but we need to start the ball rolling as soon as possible!

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