Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Awesome Stuff NASA Gave Us

Farnsworth & Chambers Building Houston NASA HQ
NASA HQ in the 60s located in Texas. A Historical Landmark

I was browsing the NASA website when I found a few interesting things about what NASA has given us over the years. You would be absolutely surprised by the random inventions that affect our daily lives. I would like to give a few some light.

Shock Absorbent Foams were developed by NASA to help prevent bad effects of g-force on their astronauts. They needed something to take the shape of impressed objects and then return their original shape. This material goes into the making of fighter jets, furniture, beds, shoes, and sports equipment. This was obviously an invention that helps us in our daily lives exponentially.

I have to say that there is a field of NASA inventions that I cant live without. Truthfully, you and your grandchildren might struggle a bit too. Its called a water filter and they didn't invent just one. In the 1970s they designed a Microbial Check Valve to determine if the water their astronauts are drinking is safe. That invention paved the way for everything else. We can know drink safe water in areas where chemical contamination has occurred with large water treatment plants. NASA was even able to develop a way to turn our human waste into drinkable water. This may sound gross to you now, but as the population explodes, this could become the most important invention ever made. NASA could be credited with making a world where your grandchildren can exist.

The moral of the story is that NASA needs to continue on their path with as much funding we can spare. They develop things that are absolutely essential to human expansion. We need to think more about cutting cost in places other than education and research.

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