Friday, April 20, 2012

What do you need to know to buy a telescope?

     Thinking about buying a telescope? Well that can be pretty intimidating especially for a first time buyer. Once you find what you want, it can be most rewarding. It is an excellent fun cheap family activity that can lead you to a strong passion for the science. It can start your children on a path to being an engineer or physicist. Why not get started right? Well we have what you need!
     You will need a map to the stars and not the kind you get from a guy off of a Nevada street. You need a map to see where different stars are. It isn’t essential but will be invaluable when looking for something specific. Imagine wanting to look for city street on a globe, because that’s what you will find. Space is massive and having that star atlas will come in handy!
     Obviously you going to want that telescope. Telescopes are extremely specialized scientific equipment. It works by taking light that you may not be able to see, and focuses it in a way that you can see an image in far greater detail. Time to buy your first scientific instrument will begin your trip into the science of astronomy.
Where do you find one? Well to be honest, your best bet is the internet (I am not trying to sell you telescopes, don’t worry). You can find the best savings through the internet. We recommend a budget of around $200 to $300, The best ones to look for while starting off are Meade, Orion, and Celestron telescopes. Telescopes tend to last for years and years, so it is more of an investment.
     Using a notebook is definitely a good idea. You can draw what you see and reference the same spot later. You can records places you’ve seen and observe the changes in Jupiter and Saturn!
     Just remember to have fun and learn. It can offer hours of entertainment as well as be an excellent hobby for the kids!

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