Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NASA Earth Day Contest will Award FREE Launch Tickets!

           Wouldn’t you like to have tickets to a free launch? I know I would, which is why we are very happy to hear there is a contest for Earth Day 2012 that NASA is hosting! You need to create an original way of viewing the Earth. NASA has been taking photos of the Earth for years from space. We can see how the Earth is changing both naturally and unnaturally. We can predict the outcomes of our global actions and learn more on early warnings for natural disasters. This is why for the 2nd year in a row, NASA will be looking for the best submission.
            The best part of it all is that the best submission will be awarded with a behind the scenes look at the next launching of a NASA Earth observing satellite. That launch is set for January 2013 by an Atlas V rocket. What better way to support Earth day by handing out tickets to see the thing that helps us save the earth do its job.
            Tips for winning would be to keep the submission short. You don’t really want to go to long because it may become boring and drawn out. This would be considered more of a commercial for Earth in light of Earth Day. Try for 1 to 2 minutes or even less. Make sure to use photos and imagery that NASA has gathered over the year. Just remember to be creative and have fun. Represent our Earth well on Earth Day 2012 and possibly earn some free launch tickets!

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