Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NASA's Interest in Commercial Space Travel

Atlas 5

         More and more you hear about spaceflight taking off year after year. Someone always has some mission planned to go into space with civilians and not astronauts and scientist. There are entrepreneurs out there with the sole intention of taking the space market by storm. Businessmen always want the next big thing and I don’t know of a more interesting vacation then spending a little while in space. Just the fact that its soon becoming a reality that we can begin to capitalize spaceflight.

           The big names such as Boeing have been relentlessly trying to cut the cost of their Atlas 5 rockets to prevent being overrun by start up companies with newer more efficient ideas. One such man by the name of Elon Musk claims he is developing new ideas to take the industry by storm with cheaper and far more efficient means. It seems like having some new minds on the subject besides just the normal would be beneficial to our research in space.

          The whole idea behind this is NASA. They feel like if they can get the ball rolling, they can lower the cost of getting their stuff and crew to the International Space Station or ISS. In fact they have spent an awful lot of US taxpayer money on it. There is a strong possibility that this will work if you think about it. If companies start competing for the cheaper prices, it could allow NASA to use their equipment for things that are new to science. If taxpayers had the ability to rent a shuttle rather than buy one, they could spend much more of their money on newer research. Why spend so much when there already going there and you just have to buy the space.

International Space Station
          It all seems like an excellent idea, but there is a strong possibility it wont work out. Unfortunately I would hate to see all of that money go to a dead end. There are so many more things out there that can be learned with that cash. Although the risk is great, the reward would save so much more money for years to come. We all know eventually were going into space on a more frequent basis so we might as well give our country a kick start on an international industry!

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