Wednesday, July 24, 2013

NASA Successfully Test 3D Printed Rocket Parts

NASA's newest endeavors include printing complex rocket parts with a 3D printer. Recent test show the parts rival the previous method's product. Parts were tested at 6000 degrees and were a huge success."We saw no difference in performance of the 3-D printed injectors compared to the traditionally manufactured injectors," claims Sandra Elam Greene, the overseer of the test. "Two separate 3-D printed injectors operated beautifully during all hot-fire tests."

The benefit to these test is that building rocket parts become much cleaner and faster. Complex parts can be built in just one piece of 3D printed materials. This can save the production cost nearly 60%. This is huge for our space program as well as many other applications.

3D Printing has recently made many headlines with people designing weapons that can be printed from home. Of course the printers that NASA is using and what the normal person can use are two different stories but that doesn't mean you can make some pretty neat stuff from home.  If you are unfamiliar with the concept of 3D printing then maybe this video can shed some light for the unfamiliar:

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