Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Travel INSIDE a Black Hole

This is a great video explaining the effects of a black hole as if you were inside of the black hole itself. Unfortunately the only end to the journey is your death, but if you watch the video, you may see a upside! It depends on how you look at life really.

Here is a summary of the terminology and its meaning:

Schwarzchild Radius: A tiny amount of space that if you were to compress and collaps an object within that radius, it then would become a black hole.

note: This means anything could theoretically become a black hole. The only known natural objects to become black holes are stars.

Gravitational Lensing: Light will be transformed when passing through a black hole giving the onlooker a distorted view of the object.

Photon Sphere: This occurs when light photons begin to orbit a black hole.

Event Horizon: The point where light can not escape the pull of the black hole.

Wormhole: A way to transport instantaneously across space.

Cosmological Principle: Universe expands in such a way where you seemingly are always at the center of the universe upon observation.

Comment: I hope science cant find a way to make objects compress to the Schwarzchild Radius or we may be in trouble.

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