Monday, April 2, 2012

Space Colony?

Artist Rendition of a space colony
It is extremely important that we soon find a place to call home outside of the Earth. We know we are killing the planet. Human population is increasing quickly and we are running out of resources. There is one option left if we continue to live this way and that is find a new place to go. Humanities survival is entirely dependent on it.

Even if we were to somehow save the planet. It is still inevitable that the Earth will someday die with our sun. This is a long ways away of course and it is far more likely we will be killed from some other event before it. We are extremely vulnerable to extinction from even the most random of events.

If we were to colonize something out in space, whether it be a planet or a self sufficient space station our chances of survival will increase exponentially. If we could even harvest resources from another entity in space, it would at least allow us to continue the great life we now know and have grown accustomed to for that much longer.

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