Wednesday, April 11, 2012

When Black Holes Collide!

So we know that galaxies can collide in the universe and even our own is destined for collision, but what happens to those incredible black holes in the middle. Does one suck up the other? Actually according to the University of Texas, Austin, and E.W. Bonning, from Yale University, they create a powerful and messy recoil. The recoil could be seen a couple of tops spinning in opposite directions smacking into each other. One is sent off into nothingness and the other receives an enormous amount of energy which agitates the gas and debris around it. The result is an enormous x-ray flare that can last thousands of years!

Researchers believe that there could be around 100 collisions within 5 billion light-years of Earth. We detect this from the energy given from the result lasting in space. This is an extremely rare event however the effects are long lasting.

A photo visualizing a collision from NASA

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  1. What an awesome sight that would be to witness... Considering you don't get sucked into the battle